I saw lovely things today during my shift.

Started in the Flint Hills of Kansas.   Wide open prairie with no signs of men except for the freeway twining through.   If you look off to the side it’s just grass forever in low rolling hills.

I saw a flock of over 1,000 Canada Geese in a pond.   They were all floating close with just a few taking off.   Then all through the day I saw skeins of geese flying.  

Every 1/2 to one mile I saw a hawk of some sort perched to the side of the road in a tree,  on a fence post, on a power line.  I drove 455 miles and that makes me think I probably saw 500 or so hawks.  Wow.

I finished up in Iowa.   David will get us to Minnesota tonight.   It was 8 degrees and snowing.

No pictures today.  Just mental ones.