Been lots of driving going on, little time for much else.  I’ve been tired a lot.  But tonight we’re in a hotel so I can update with pictures!


I caught this guy on our last afternoon in Arizona.  Oh, how I miss Arizona now.  Since then it’s been nothing but cold!  Anyways, I believe this bird is also a flycatcher of some sort.  I will need to consult my bird book.  We did get home for a day, so I now have one of my bird guides with me.  Not that I’ve had a chance to look at it much.  It is with me, though.

big fish

We went from Arizona to Baudette, MN.  Baudette isn’t far from International Falls, which is where the coldest temps in the country are generally found.  It was -4 degrees while we were there.  They have this giant fish statue in Baudette.  Minnesotans take ice fishing very seriously – they have ice shanties that are essentially camping trailers with a hole in the floor.  They lower them onto the ice and camp out there while fishing.  I hope to go ice fishing this winter.  Ice fishing and snow mobiling – those are the things I want to try this winter.


From Baudette, we went home via the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It was my first time up there.  To get back to the Lower Peninsula, we crossed the Mackinac Bridge.  On the right is Lake Michigan, on the left Lake Huron.  I also saw Lake Superior that day, so three Great Lakes in one day.  Looking down into the straights, I could see a lot of ice.



These are big big chunks of ice.  My eye was caught by that strip of blue running through there.  I like that color a lot.

mirror me


I also caught a picture of myself in the side mirror.

So, we were home for a day, then they sent us BACK to Baudette.  Brr.  The car companies do cold weather testing up there.  We delivered cars to a company that does the testing.  We picked up other cars on this trip and took them down to Ohio.  From Ohio we ran up to Rhode Island, which was my 44th state to visit.  Since it’s just us, we told them we would stay out over Christmas if they needed us to.  I brought a strand of lights and we put them in the truck window.



They’re on the driver’s side, since most of our time is spent in the right-hand lane.  This way everyone who passed us would be able to see the lights.  They made me happy.

Christmas had us trucking through Pennsylvania and Ohio on our way to Chicago.  This morning David was playing with the dogs.  The normally over-crowded truck stop was nearly empty due to Christmas.  We were able to let the dogs off leash, as there was a fenced field.



We’re teaching Tucker a game where he runs back and forth between us.  If we can get Phoebe to go out a ways, he’ll run between the three of us.  It burns off some of his prodigious energy.  I swear that dog is all muscle.  And bone – especially in his big head.  🙂



The skyline of Chicago is rather pretty.  I like big city skylines, but prefer to stay on the outskirts.  David drove downtown Chicago, as it’s where he learned to drive.  He made a comment about me needing city driving experience.  I’ll get that in smaller cities, thank you.



Any time David leaves the truck, Tucker wants to watch.  He usually jumps into the driver’s seat immediately.  This time he just stood up at attention.  It’s not his full meerkat impression, but it’s close.