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new year sunset

Sunset on New Years Day, somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

So.  My grand plan to return to semi-regular blogging has been derailed by work.  January was pretty busy for us.  Lots of constant movement was involved, but included lots of time in the much warmer south.  There were days of 70 degree weather.  Coming back to Michigan’s 0 degrees was a little hard sometimes.


From our time in Arizona.

I caught a nasty cold the first of the year.  David came down with it a few days later.  I healed up, as I got to rest.  He hasn’t rested, so he’s still fighting it.  He’s finally taking some rest days now.


We got a new truck.  It’s a 2013 Peterbilt with a mere 50,000 miles on it.  Our old Pete had 975,000 miles when we let her go.  This is the rig I drive now.  Seeing it like this always makes me blink in surprise.  It doesn’t feel quite so big when I’m driving it.  I do notice that getting into a car is weird now.  David says that means I’m really a truck driver.

hotel tucker

Tucker grew these past couple months.  He gained 5 pounds, putting him at 50.  He also got longer and thicker through the chest.  Solid muscle, is our Tucker.  He likes spreading out on beds like this.


Full moon somewhere in Texas, as we headed out of San Antonio.  Next full moon, I’ll be using my telephoto lens to get a more detailed shot.

Our first trip out was Michigan to Omaha, NE to Phoenix.  We got to sit in Phoenix a few days, which was nice (and warm).  Then the hard running began.  We went to San Antonio, then to Tampa, up to Georgia, then Michigan, back to Florida (Miami this time) and then back to Michigan.  There was a day or two where we got to stop, but it was a lot of non-stop driving.  There were days where I’d drive an 8-hour day while David slept, then he’d get up and drive while I slept, then I’d get up and we’d switch again.  At the end of it, I told him I didn’t really want to be running quite that hard all the time.

happy tucker

Tucker finally got to romp.  When we reached Florida the first time, we had a bit of time.  We got the dogs out and let them run.  Doesn’t he look happy about it?

phoebe and tucker

They wrestle.  Phoebe puts up with his physicality for awhile, then will get frustrated and chase him off.  He likes that, though.  This was in Ocala, Florida, and there was frost!

tucker and friend

We had breakfast there and when we walked out of the truck stop, the dog on the left was just outside the door.  We both did a double-take, thinking Tucker had somehow gotten out of the truck.  Then we realized he was missing the white parts.  This dog is named Gunny, and he was almost aggressive at first – lots of growling.  We didn’t want any dog troubles, but his owner kept assuring us it would be okay.  We let Tucker off leash, and they began chasing each other around.  Tucker was faster, and kept circling outside Gunny and almost herding him.

tucker and friend 2

There was much doggy joy.  Phoebe tried to run with them, mostly to control the situation, but it didn’t work.  These boys wanted to run.

tucker and bambam

Later that day we were at another driver’s home, picking up a vehicle they couldn’t deliver due to a break-down.  Tucker got to run the fence with their Shih-tzu, BamBam, as well as see horses and a cow and an Australian Shepherd to also run fences with.  Tucker is taking it easy on BamBam here.


There was a rainbow.


And birds to photograph (Eastern Bluebird).

coming home

This is what greeted us when we got home.  There’s a good foot and a half of snow on the ground at our house.  Before we could even park in the driveway, David had to run the snow blower.


Hobie was waiting for us.  He seems to be doing pretty well, though he’s a bit lonely.  We don’t want to try another cat – a kitten needs socializing and attention, and an adult cat doesn’t have the survival skills to live out here.  So for now, he spends some time alone.  Once spring comes I doubt he’ll really notice as much.


Both dogs really love the snow.  Phoebe rolls around in it every chance she gets.  Tucker likes sproinging through it.  He was coming to get me in this picture.

snowy phoebe


See all that snow??  One good thing about living in a cold climate is getting to knit and wear fun things.  (I cut my bangs back a little since I took this picture the other day – they were a little crazy).

So, that’s what we’ve been up to.  I think I may try updating with my phone.  I need the reminders of where I’ve been.  It takes nice pictures as well.