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levitating tucker


The day before we left out last time, we took the dogs for a walk.  I caught this picture of Tucker levitating and Phoebe being kinda dorky.

montana blog

We started off heading to Idaho.  This is Montana.  It was very lovely there.  I miss mountains.

When I’m not driving during daylight hours, I often sit in the jump seat with my camera at hand.  I’m getting pretty good at capturing things quickly.  My camera is very responsive.

horse blog


I almost didn’t see the horse at first.  He just blended into the scenery.  Then when I saw the picture, I was very pleased.

prongs blog


This, too, was taken from a moving truck.  I barely saw the pronghorns – just lifted the camera and snapped.  This one made me very happy indeed.

I also saw these deer:

deer blog


After we delivered in Moscow, we headed to Washington.  I hadn’t been through Eastern Washington but once or twice before.  I drove much of it, as well as Snoqualamie Pass for the first time.  (spell check gives me “squalidness” for Snoqualamie…)

e wash blog


I like the swirls on the hill.  There were lots of tumbleweeds out there while we were driving.

We picked up a load in Tacoma, then headed south to give it to another driver.  Since we were so close, we stopped in Ripon and my mom came and picked me up so we got a bit of a visit in.  Just before we got there, we stopped at a rest stop north of Sacramento and I saw this Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on an irrigation bank.  I had my telephoto lens, so was able to capture him when he flew off.

rt hawk blog


I followed his flight and got a couple nice pictures.  

Just outside of Ripon, I snapped this picture, thinking it a murmuration of starlings.  I couldn’t find a group name for Red-Wing Blackbirds.

birds for blog


Make it bigger-it’s cool!  I’m thinking of getting a large print of it.  You can see the red wing patches on the males.  Again, taken from a moving truck!

After going back to Tacoma for our load, we headed out to the Midwest, then to South Carolina.  We had a few days layover, which was a nice rest.  It was 70 degrees there, and there was birdsong.  Spring is coming, just not here yet.

truck blog


After South Carolina was some Michigan time.  We got by the house to find a power outage had turned off the heat, so it was good to get things back on.  Poor Hobie was cold.  I stuffed him in my coat and that calmed him down.   Knowing we were heading for Arizona made the zero degree temps more bearable…but only just.

On the way to Arizona, Tucker got skunked in Missouri.  Thank goodness our noses tune out scents after a bit, because he continued to smell a bit skunky for awhile.  Fortunately it wasn’t a full-on skunking.  I keep telling him to leave kitties alone.  It doesn’t work.

In Arizona, I saw this cloud that looks like an elephant:



I also got a new bird – the Gila Woodpecker.  I had seen one earlier in the day, but couldn’t get a positive ID.  We spent the night in the hotel and I saw it there as well.  Bonus for identification was when it called out.  I whipped out my phone with my handy birding app and made the positive ID.

gila wpblog


Looks like a cross between a Flicker and a Ladderback Woodpecker, doesn’t it?  It has a loud churr call.  I love my iBird app.

I also saw these ravens, who were grouping together and playing.

ravens blog

horses blog


Also in Arizona.  There had been some serious rains the few days before we got there.  I’d never seen so much standing water in the desert before!  There were clouds after that, but no rain.  Makes for interesting pictures, however.

From Arizona to California.  I finally saw the Hollywood sign!

hollywood blog


David, bless him, did the driving in LA traffic.  From LA, we headed north, over the Grapevine.  We came down the other side just at dusk.  I love seeing where hills fall into the flatlands, and I love the tone of light in the Central Valley of California at sunset.  I got both in one picture.

valley eve blog


Ever north.  I got to see my beloved Bellingham and Skagit Valley.  The swans are still visiting there:

swans blogs


Another place where the hills march down to flats.  I hadn’t been to Bellingham since 2006.  It surely pulled at my heart.  We were just passing through on the way to British Columbia.   Then it was back down to Tacoma and homeward bound.  At this point we’ve been out four weeks.

happy phoebe blog


Phoebe loves her some snow.  However, we arrived home to find a broken water pipe and an inch of standing water in the house.  We pulled up all the flooring – laminate wood floors and carpet – so we wouldn’t have to deal with mold later.  Now we’re trying to decide what to do about the floors, which are concrete slab, and quite cold right now!

o rly


Can’t have Phoebe without Tucker.  🙂  He just came in damp from outside, and sadly, he still has a hint of skunk.