After a couple rainy days I decided to brave the outdoors (i.e. mosquitoes) for a little walkabout.  I’m home for my dental implant surgery (which went well though I remember nothing of it) while David’s out keeping the coffers full.

Getting both dogs to pose is hard.  Phoebe will do it but Tucker is always interested in whatever is off camera.  I did get this cool shot if them, though, in Utah.

Even then, off camera.

I was very happy this morning to find I’m home for the wild strawberries.


Unfortunately Tucker saw me harvesting and realized they are yummy so he started harvesting.   Last fall he was also snarfling blackberries off the vine.  He’d love Washington!  

Also on my walk I discovered a nest of what I believe are Flickers.  The parent bird that flew off appeared by size, color and flight to be one.  I’ll be checking it out.  The nest is in a tree trunk with an entry hole maybe an inch and a half across.   I can hear the whispery calls of the hatchlings.  I doubt I’ll be home to see them fledge.  But it makes me wonder how they get out!