Kansas was cold at -3 overnight. The hotel’s heat in that wing wasn’t working right, blowing tepid to cool air into a cool room. The cold makes me crabby when I can’t escape it. It’s also doing a number on Tucker’s bad leg. His pain pills are giving moderate relief, as long as he gets them every 8 hours. But he’s still limping and carrying that leg rather than using it.

We left Kansas in the afternoon,  heading north to Baudet, MN. It’s currently -15, after a low of -18. The saving grace was finally getting to see the Northern Lights!  It was a small curtain of dancing green, mostly fugitive, but then suddenly beaming into the sky. I sat watching with a big grin on my face and tears in my eyes. It was beautiful and magical and I was finally seeing it. 

No pictures today. Crabbiness, bad lighting, lack of opportunities.   And it all turned around with one dancing green sky.