So in my last post I mentioned that I am home with the dogs and David is not.  A few days into our last run, we ran into our first winter weather, and I have to say it kind of undid me.  I was something of an anxiety-ridden wreck, crabby and tense.  I certainly didn’t want to be driving.  Fortunately, David knows me and he started the conversation that has led to the decision (endorsed by me, by him and most importantly, our company) that I will be taking the winter and spring off, so as not to worry about the snowy conditions.  While home, I will explore some arty options, like an Etsy store, to see if I can make some monies that way.

I did originally feel a little guilty, until David confessed that he would rather run solo.  He doesn’t sleep well when the truck is running team, and it makes him worry about his health.  He doesn’t like the crowded conditions any more than I did, and so it turns out this works well for both of us.  Yes, I am alone again, but it’s different now.  I have a more robust support system here.  I feel at home here as I never quite did in Michigan.  It makes a difference.

So it turns out I am a fair-weather truck driver.  I am okay with that.