Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I thought I had stopped cold a week earlier than I did.  See, life has gone and changed again, and so I’ve been adjusting to that.  More in the next post.  This one is for some pictures I have taken during that time.


When last I wrote, I was in the hinterlands of Minnesota, being very cold.  Now we are home (me and the dogs) and just getting rained on regularly.  Rainbows have been sighted.


I doubt I will ever tire of this view out my back door.  It changes by the hour.  This time I was talking with David on the phone and saw that strange tree shadow on the fog.  “Hold on a sec,” I told him.  “I gotta get a picture of this.”  So happy I did.

Here’s the view with full sun and no special light effects going on.  Still beautiful.



My friend Kimberly adopted an otter in my name.  I was touched by the thought when I received an email.  I didn’t expect a package with this cutie in it, along with River Otter facts, a fabulous picture and an adoption certificate.  The package made me squee.


The dogs are happily going to the park regularly.  I feel very blessed that this amazing place is just 1/2 mile away.  Tucker now recognizes my “walk the dogs” bag and starts dancing when he sees it.  I carry the leash, poop bags and my phone in it.  Some driftwood has been collected.  Driftwood in the Pacific Northwest is a bit different than other places.  Exhibit 1:


This is the high tide/full moon line at the park.  So much wood.  Much of it is trees.  But there is some good small stuff to be found.  The main problem is that if Tucker sees me pick up a stick, he is oh, so positive that it is meant to be thrown for him.  So if I find something I like, I am then required to pick up others to throw.  He doesn’t bring them back anymore.  He just likes to chase them down.  Sometimes he might pick one up, but then he is unhappy about the mouth full of sand he gets. So mostly he chases and then runs back for more.  It’s an easy way to tire him out.


Happy Tucker.

I’ve been spending my days doing little bits of art, playing with dogs, reading, listening to music.  I like it.  Nah, I LOVE it.  I love this place we have landed.

Oh, I did finish this.  It’s a gift that will be mailed Monday.  I don’t know if Jilly comes here or not, but I don’t mind if she sees it.  The picture is cute, but the real thing is amazingly cute.  I had posted on Facebook about how it was kicking my butt at one point, as I had dropped a yarnover and couldn’t figure out my mistake.  I unknitted that section twice before I finally got it right  Finishing it gave me a great deal of satisfaction.  I wish my skills had been where they are now when other babies were born to other friends.