Today was spent partly in the studio playing with watercolors and partly in the house hanging out with dogs. Late in the afternoon I suddenly remembered I was completely out of cat fud (always spelled that way since once of my favorite Far Side cartoons, where the dog is trying to lure the cat into the dryer with signs pointing to “cat fud”) and so I had to run into town and the pet store. When Hobie was left alone he was free feeding and boy was he free with it. He’s turned into something of a possum cat, complete with waddle, so I knew I needed some “weight control” fud. The kibbles are different but he ate it.  Hopefully it will work.  Every winter his previous vet, who only saw him in winter, would comment about his weight. I explained that he slimmed down in summer, but Dr Harrison was skeptical. One summer I got a picture of Hobie from above, and his outline perfectly matched the outline of a “normal ” cat they had at the vet’s office. Next time I was in, I showed him the picture and he never again bothered me about Hobie’s weight. I’m not so sure he’ll slim down as well here, as he doesn’t spend all day outside. He has adapted well to our house, and tends to spend more time inside. When he does go out, it’s never for more than an hour, then he’s at the front window staring at me.

Picture above is from my drive home. I drove through the deer refuge just at dusk, hoping to see some deer. I only saw the one, but she was close to the road and didn’t care that I stopped and rolled the window down. The hawk and swans I saw didn’t care either, but it certainly alarmed the ducks.