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Found an early Valentine on the beach during the morning walkies. 


This whole beach is covered at high tide. At low tide it’s perfect for walkies. That’s Skamokawa across the slough.  This is the point where Brooks Slough and Steamboat Slough meet at the Columbia River.

After our walk I had some solid studio time. Finished the large version of the happy otter and got past a sticky place on a larger canvas to discover what it wants to be (sometimes I start with a subject, other times I paint intuitively and lay down color and pattern then see what comes out).  After lunch I sat down for some Netflix and knitting and listening to the rain.  It’s been a lovely day.


Phoebe just loves to wade.


Yesterday I wasn’t feeling real well, so nothing of note happened.

Today, though, I had some adventure time. This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count, and I decided I needed to participate. I have such great places for birds. 

I started from my deck and had breakfast while I watched.  Added birds 43 and 44 to my house list, a Scrub Jay and Golden-crowned Kinglet. Saw a total of 8 species and heard one.


Next, I drove Brooks Slough Road, which is the road into the deer refuge across the slough from us. It’s 3 miles long, maybe, and I spent 1 1/4 hours slowly cruising it.  Our car makes a great bird blind. Saw 20 species of birds, Roosevelt Elk and beavers. Just as I was finishing up the road, something scared the very large flock (400+) of Canada Geese in a nearby field, and they flew by me.  All the black spots are geese!  What a racket they made!


I had to run to Astoria for dog fud. Sadly, my phone ran out of juice, so no pictures of the flock of 2000+ Dunlins I saw on Sunset Beach. Nor any of the very cheeky crows at Cannon Beach. I went there hoping to see Puffins only to discover they return to nest without fail the 1st of April. I will be there then! 

After birding I still had to get groceries and such. Pretty done in now, so good night.