Yesterday I wasn’t feeling real well, so nothing of note happened.

Today, though, I had some adventure time. This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count, and I decided I needed to participate. I have such great places for birds. 

I started from my deck and had breakfast while I watched.  Added birds 43 and 44 to my house list, a Scrub Jay and Golden-crowned Kinglet. Saw a total of 8 species and heard one.


Next, I drove Brooks Slough Road, which is the road into the deer refuge across the slough from us. It’s 3 miles long, maybe, and I spent 1 1/4 hours slowly cruising it.  Our car makes a great bird blind. Saw 20 species of birds, Roosevelt Elk and beavers. Just as I was finishing up the road, something scared the very large flock (400+) of Canada Geese in a nearby field, and they flew by me.  All the black spots are geese!  What a racket they made!


I had to run to Astoria for dog fud. Sadly, my phone ran out of juice, so no pictures of the flock of 2000+ Dunlins I saw on Sunset Beach. Nor any of the very cheeky crows at Cannon Beach. I went there hoping to see Puffins only to discover they return to nest without fail the 1st of April. I will be there then! 

After birding I still had to get groceries and such. Pretty done in now, so good night.