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Valentines was a long rainy day. I knit and watched Grimm on Netflix and that was pretty much the day.

Monday was better. Seriously good studio time. Finished a small painting, found direction on a larger one, then switched over to watercolors. I love watercolor and really want to get the hang of them. Yesterday I felt I was getting there.


I did this for a local friend. I had started the idea in color pencil, but wasn’t feeling it there. Traced my original drawing onto watercolor paper and boom, hit the flow and ran with it. Very satisfying.

After studio time, I came in and the dogs were all “it’s low tide and it’s not raining!  We must go to the park!!!”  So we did.


Tucker’s “I know there are other dogs down there” look. Used to be the instant he saw another dog he was running to see it. Freaked a number of people out. Now he stops when I tell him to and watches. If I tell him to “leave it”, and call him, he turns away and comes with me. He continues to become such a great dog.


We walked all the way to the end of the park. Cliffs begin here and there is a creek.


While there, a very large ship passed by. Tucker acted like he was going to chase it. I had to keep him away from the water because the displacement of such a large ship does strange things with the water. The cliffs made it even stranger, as when the waves hit, they turned around in a weird backwash surge.  Ducks were unconcerned,  but something like that could’ve caught even a wading dog. Since Tucker’s only got three good legs,  I didn’t want to chance anything.

Walking an hour or so through squishy sand is serious exercise. My glutes and hip flexors are talking to me about my choices.