Today was a very fine day. The kind of day that feels all sparkly in your heart and your face hurts from grinning so much.  My favorite kind of day.

Started off a little strange with a letter in the mail saying there was a problem with our flood insurance and it wouldn’t be renewed.  I tried to pawn calling the insurance person off on David because I still have the occasional phone anxiety. Nothing like it used to be, but it rears its ugly head from time to time. He said no, so I called. David chose her because she’s local and he figured someone local would have a better idea of what we needed. She figured out what was going on and came to the house within 2 hours of me calling. Yep, she made a house call.  And I made a new friend.  (Insurance needed a signature and a couple pictures of the house, so it’s all good.)

I was in the studio when she arrived, decked out in my nifty art apron that Gen made me.  The apron started the conversation,  as she wanted to know what I was up to.  I invited her into the studio, as I have seating and this way we didn’t have to worry about dogs.  She liked my art and is buying a print of my Virgin of Guadavulpe painting (!) and we ended up talking for an hour and a half and discovered many things we have in common.  She said she would’ve liked to stay longer, but work called. 

Just after she left I had a great conversation with Dawn.  Then Tucker reminded me it was low tide and we needed to go to the park.


A big auto hauling ship came by. I thought I would video the “ship surge” and as I began it, I realized Phoebe was in the water still, so you can hear me  having a panicky mom moment. The video is here.  (David wanted to see it and suggested YouTube. I watched all my other videos while I was there, and was glad they were there. Chickens, geese, my sweet Sadie dog and bebe Tucker…just more goodness in the day). 


The waves are from the ship. 


Tucker in mid-shake. He spent a lot of time in the water today, running back and forth on the sandbar. 
I’m so glad to have a mudroom entrance in the house.


These little sparrows (pretty sure they’re Golden-crowned Sparrows) posed so nicely and let me get quite close to take this picture. Tucker chased them into the bush.  He tries to catch all the birds. Today that included a flying crow, flying gulls and a raft of swimming Scaup. The Scaup were quite close to shore when we got there but there really is no chance. It never stops him from running all over trying.

I also had a lot of fun painting watercolor fish and got the ideas sketched for my next four paintings. 

Good day indeed.