I’m trying to figure out just how to have the nested pages, instead of adding to this one each time.  Til then, here are my pages for the Art Journal Caravan so far…

Not sure what I’m going to do with the butterfly page, just wanted to show it.  I love the glitter butterfly!  My mom gave me a kit from Martha Stewart that includes glitter and two-sided adhesive butterly stickers that are die cut so you can lift out parts and have multi-colored butterflies.  This one was closest to the Monarch, which is my favorite.  Birds and butterflies both play a big part in my personal mythology and in my view of the word Emerge, so expect to see them a lot!

The word was play.  This is my favorite picture of David because it’s just so him and so playful.  I was missing him and feeling mushy, which explains all the hearts.  I was also getting ready to go see the art girls and we were going to work on Valentines, so I had my Valentine stuff out.

I’m trying to include my word, Emerge, on each page.   This page is truly hybrid scrapbooking, as I printed out some digital elements and pasted them down.  The bird is by April Staker at Plain Digital Wrapper.  The egg and the blue feather border (isn’t that too cool!!) is by Tangie Baxter at Scrapbookgraphics, leader of the Art Journal Caravan.  Little white birds are a stamp I love so much.

The word was Accept.  I was having problems with the whole concept but it kept popping out at me everywhere, so I sat down with it and well, accepted.

My first page for the Art Journal Caravan.  My word for the year is Emerge.  I’m suddenly seeing the word in many levels, and it feels very right.