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levitating tucker


The day before we left out last time, we took the dogs for a walk.  I caught this picture of Tucker levitating and Phoebe being kinda dorky.

montana blog

We started off heading to Idaho.  This is Montana.  It was very lovely there.  I miss mountains.

When I’m not driving during daylight hours, I often sit in the jump seat with my camera at hand.  I’m getting pretty good at capturing things quickly.  My camera is very responsive.

horse blog


I almost didn’t see the horse at first.  He just blended into the scenery.  Then when I saw the picture, I was very pleased.

prongs blog


This, too, was taken from a moving truck.  I barely saw the pronghorns – just lifted the camera and snapped.  This one made me very happy indeed.

I also saw these deer:

deer blog


After we delivered in Moscow, we headed to Washington.  I hadn’t been through Eastern Washington but once or twice before.  I drove much of it, as well as Snoqualamie Pass for the first time.  (spell check gives me “squalidness” for Snoqualamie…)

e wash blog


I like the swirls on the hill.  There were lots of tumbleweeds out there while we were driving.

We picked up a load in Tacoma, then headed south to give it to another driver.  Since we were so close, we stopped in Ripon and my mom came and picked me up so we got a bit of a visit in.  Just before we got there, we stopped at a rest stop north of Sacramento and I saw this Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on an irrigation bank.  I had my telephoto lens, so was able to capture him when he flew off.

rt hawk blog


I followed his flight and got a couple nice pictures.  

Just outside of Ripon, I snapped this picture, thinking it a murmuration of starlings.  I couldn’t find a group name for Red-Wing Blackbirds.

birds for blog


Make it bigger-it’s cool!  I’m thinking of getting a large print of it.  You can see the red wing patches on the males.  Again, taken from a moving truck!

After going back to Tacoma for our load, we headed out to the Midwest, then to South Carolina.  We had a few days layover, which was a nice rest.  It was 70 degrees there, and there was birdsong.  Spring is coming, just not here yet.

truck blog


After South Carolina was some Michigan time.  We got by the house to find a power outage had turned off the heat, so it was good to get things back on.  Poor Hobie was cold.  I stuffed him in my coat and that calmed him down.   Knowing we were heading for Arizona made the zero degree temps more bearable…but only just.

On the way to Arizona, Tucker got skunked in Missouri.  Thank goodness our noses tune out scents after a bit, because he continued to smell a bit skunky for awhile.  Fortunately it wasn’t a full-on skunking.  I keep telling him to leave kitties alone.  It doesn’t work.

In Arizona, I saw this cloud that looks like an elephant:



I also got a new bird – the Gila Woodpecker.  I had seen one earlier in the day, but couldn’t get a positive ID.  We spent the night in the hotel and I saw it there as well.  Bonus for identification was when it called out.  I whipped out my phone with my handy birding app and made the positive ID.

gila wpblog


Looks like a cross between a Flicker and a Ladderback Woodpecker, doesn’t it?  It has a loud churr call.  I love my iBird app.

I also saw these ravens, who were grouping together and playing.

ravens blog

horses blog


Also in Arizona.  There had been some serious rains the few days before we got there.  I’d never seen so much standing water in the desert before!  There were clouds after that, but no rain.  Makes for interesting pictures, however.

From Arizona to California.  I finally saw the Hollywood sign!

hollywood blog


David, bless him, did the driving in LA traffic.  From LA, we headed north, over the Grapevine.  We came down the other side just at dusk.  I love seeing where hills fall into the flatlands, and I love the tone of light in the Central Valley of California at sunset.  I got both in one picture.

valley eve blog


Ever north.  I got to see my beloved Bellingham and Skagit Valley.  The swans are still visiting there:

swans blogs


Another place where the hills march down to flats.  I hadn’t been to Bellingham since 2006.  It surely pulled at my heart.  We were just passing through on the way to British Columbia.   Then it was back down to Tacoma and homeward bound.  At this point we’ve been out four weeks.

happy phoebe blog


Phoebe loves her some snow.  However, we arrived home to find a broken water pipe and an inch of standing water in the house.  We pulled up all the flooring – laminate wood floors and carpet – so we wouldn’t have to deal with mold later.  Now we’re trying to decide what to do about the floors, which are concrete slab, and quite cold right now!

o rly


Can’t have Phoebe without Tucker.  🙂  He just came in damp from outside, and sadly, he still has a hint of skunk.



new year sunset

Sunset on New Years Day, somewhere on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

So.  My grand plan to return to semi-regular blogging has been derailed by work.  January was pretty busy for us.  Lots of constant movement was involved, but included lots of time in the much warmer south.  There were days of 70 degree weather.  Coming back to Michigan’s 0 degrees was a little hard sometimes.


From our time in Arizona.

I caught a nasty cold the first of the year.  David came down with it a few days later.  I healed up, as I got to rest.  He hasn’t rested, so he’s still fighting it.  He’s finally taking some rest days now.


We got a new truck.  It’s a 2013 Peterbilt with a mere 50,000 miles on it.  Our old Pete had 975,000 miles when we let her go.  This is the rig I drive now.  Seeing it like this always makes me blink in surprise.  It doesn’t feel quite so big when I’m driving it.  I do notice that getting into a car is weird now.  David says that means I’m really a truck driver.

hotel tucker

Tucker grew these past couple months.  He gained 5 pounds, putting him at 50.  He also got longer and thicker through the chest.  Solid muscle, is our Tucker.  He likes spreading out on beds like this.


Full moon somewhere in Texas, as we headed out of San Antonio.  Next full moon, I’ll be using my telephoto lens to get a more detailed shot.

Our first trip out was Michigan to Omaha, NE to Phoenix.  We got to sit in Phoenix a few days, which was nice (and warm).  Then the hard running began.  We went to San Antonio, then to Tampa, up to Georgia, then Michigan, back to Florida (Miami this time) and then back to Michigan.  There was a day or two where we got to stop, but it was a lot of non-stop driving.  There were days where I’d drive an 8-hour day while David slept, then he’d get up and drive while I slept, then I’d get up and we’d switch again.  At the end of it, I told him I didn’t really want to be running quite that hard all the time.

happy tucker

Tucker finally got to romp.  When we reached Florida the first time, we had a bit of time.  We got the dogs out and let them run.  Doesn’t he look happy about it?

phoebe and tucker

They wrestle.  Phoebe puts up with his physicality for awhile, then will get frustrated and chase him off.  He likes that, though.  This was in Ocala, Florida, and there was frost!

tucker and friend

We had breakfast there and when we walked out of the truck stop, the dog on the left was just outside the door.  We both did a double-take, thinking Tucker had somehow gotten out of the truck.  Then we realized he was missing the white parts.  This dog is named Gunny, and he was almost aggressive at first – lots of growling.  We didn’t want any dog troubles, but his owner kept assuring us it would be okay.  We let Tucker off leash, and they began chasing each other around.  Tucker was faster, and kept circling outside Gunny and almost herding him.

tucker and friend 2

There was much doggy joy.  Phoebe tried to run with them, mostly to control the situation, but it didn’t work.  These boys wanted to run.

tucker and bambam

Later that day we were at another driver’s home, picking up a vehicle they couldn’t deliver due to a break-down.  Tucker got to run the fence with their Shih-tzu, BamBam, as well as see horses and a cow and an Australian Shepherd to also run fences with.  Tucker is taking it easy on BamBam here.


There was a rainbow.


And birds to photograph (Eastern Bluebird).

coming home

This is what greeted us when we got home.  There’s a good foot and a half of snow on the ground at our house.  Before we could even park in the driveway, David had to run the snow blower.


Hobie was waiting for us.  He seems to be doing pretty well, though he’s a bit lonely.  We don’t want to try another cat – a kitten needs socializing and attention, and an adult cat doesn’t have the survival skills to live out here.  So for now, he spends some time alone.  Once spring comes I doubt he’ll really notice as much.


Both dogs really love the snow.  Phoebe rolls around in it every chance she gets.  Tucker likes sproinging through it.  He was coming to get me in this picture.

snowy phoebe


See all that snow??  One good thing about living in a cold climate is getting to knit and wear fun things.  (I cut my bangs back a little since I took this picture the other day – they were a little crazy).

So, that’s what we’ve been up to.  I think I may try updating with my phone.  I need the reminders of where I’ve been.  It takes nice pictures as well.

Been lots of driving going on, little time for much else.  I’ve been tired a lot.  But tonight we’re in a hotel so I can update with pictures!


I caught this guy on our last afternoon in Arizona.  Oh, how I miss Arizona now.  Since then it’s been nothing but cold!  Anyways, I believe this bird is also a flycatcher of some sort.  I will need to consult my bird book.  We did get home for a day, so I now have one of my bird guides with me.  Not that I’ve had a chance to look at it much.  It is with me, though.

big fish

We went from Arizona to Baudette, MN.  Baudette isn’t far from International Falls, which is where the coldest temps in the country are generally found.  It was -4 degrees while we were there.  They have this giant fish statue in Baudette.  Minnesotans take ice fishing very seriously – they have ice shanties that are essentially camping trailers with a hole in the floor.  They lower them onto the ice and camp out there while fishing.  I hope to go ice fishing this winter.  Ice fishing and snow mobiling – those are the things I want to try this winter.


From Baudette, we went home via the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It was my first time up there.  To get back to the Lower Peninsula, we crossed the Mackinac Bridge.  On the right is Lake Michigan, on the left Lake Huron.  I also saw Lake Superior that day, so three Great Lakes in one day.  Looking down into the straights, I could see a lot of ice.



These are big big chunks of ice.  My eye was caught by that strip of blue running through there.  I like that color a lot.

mirror me


I also caught a picture of myself in the side mirror.

So, we were home for a day, then they sent us BACK to Baudette.  Brr.  The car companies do cold weather testing up there.  We delivered cars to a company that does the testing.  We picked up other cars on this trip and took them down to Ohio.  From Ohio we ran up to Rhode Island, which was my 44th state to visit.  Since it’s just us, we told them we would stay out over Christmas if they needed us to.  I brought a strand of lights and we put them in the truck window.



They’re on the driver’s side, since most of our time is spent in the right-hand lane.  This way everyone who passed us would be able to see the lights.  They made me happy.

Christmas had us trucking through Pennsylvania and Ohio on our way to Chicago.  This morning David was playing with the dogs.  The normally over-crowded truck stop was nearly empty due to Christmas.  We were able to let the dogs off leash, as there was a fenced field.



We’re teaching Tucker a game where he runs back and forth between us.  If we can get Phoebe to go out a ways, he’ll run between the three of us.  It burns off some of his prodigious energy.  I swear that dog is all muscle.  And bone – especially in his big head.  🙂



The skyline of Chicago is rather pretty.  I like big city skylines, but prefer to stay on the outskirts.  David drove downtown Chicago, as it’s where he learned to drive.  He made a comment about me needing city driving experience.  I’ll get that in smaller cities, thank you.



Any time David leaves the truck, Tucker wants to watch.  He usually jumps into the driver’s seat immediately.  This time he just stood up at attention.  It’s not his full meerkat impression, but it’s close.


Well, the last few days have been interesting.  Friday, we headed out.  We had to leave early, and I reminded David that it *always* takes us an hour to get going.  Always.  Without fail.  Usually, he forgets that and gets flustered.  This time he remembered, and it took a bit longer because we forgot dog stuff.  Like collars and food bowls.  Oops!  On the trip home, I went to get out of the car to help and stepped right on ice.  I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so quickly!  Boom!  Flat on my back.  I think I spent the rest of the day in shock (and pain…sigh).

So, we got our load, which David Tetrisized within an inch of his life.  No one thought it was possible to get two sedans and two big pick-ups in our trailer, but he did it!  And we got started.  We got as far as Indianapolis Friday night.  I was asleep early, recovering from my fall, so didn’t notice the weather.  Saturday I started the day driving and along about the middle of Illinois noticed that ALL the trees were coated in ice.  Fortunately, they have good road service in Illinois, so the roads were relatively dry.  There were some places of hardpack snow, but mostly dry and clear. This was my first winter driving in the big truck.   I saw at least three dozen cars in the median and in ditches, and six big rigs.  Travel slowed to a stop at one point while all the Lookie Lous slowed down to see the first two big rigs, which had gone into the median together.  I only took this picture because I was stopped.

two trucks


icy trees

It was icy for over 100 miles.  Pretty, but crazy.  We got into Missouri and I was done for the day, just a few miles short of the 400 miles I was aiming for.  The truck stop was frozen, encased in 1/2″ of ice, and the fuel pumps weren’t working.  Other drivers told David the road (I55) was closed just 5 miles down.

ice truck


ice bud

So, we took the fabled “Back Way” and headed off through the country.  The roads were like washboards of ice.  Traffic was practically non-existent, and David swears he can drive forever on ice as long as there are no other people to worry about.  It still took us 8 hours to get 300 miles, and we stopped in Arkansas for the night.   According to the weather folks, this is what the storm looked like…



Where the word “worst” is – that was our path.  We got off I55 and angled down to Little Rock.  Icky icky icky.  And I’m glad I slept, sorta, through it.






This was the morning view in Arkansas.  I’m pretty sure there were eight of them.  I’m saying there were eight.  So there.  🙂



I caught them leaving, as well.  There was one little buck trying to head butt all the others.  He reminded me of Tucker.  The roads were dry and clear and the temp just at 32.  We didn’t know what exactly to expect, though, so David drove.



I knit (Madeline Tosh Sock in Robin’s Nest, if you’re interested, and I’m knitting this).  And took lots of pictures that didn’t turn out really great because it was so very overcast all day long.

We were a few hours late for our delivery, which wasn’t bad considering the ice storm. The other driver going to the same place with 4 big pick-ups took another route and got shut down and didn’t deliver til the next day.  Evidently they are still cleaning up the havoc caused by the storm in dispatch today.    We had another delivery to make, so we did the team driving thing.  I started off from Comfort, TX, and drove a few hours while David caught some sleep.  He took over and drove til 4 a.m. local time (about 6 hours), and I got up in Las Cruces, NM, and took over.  This was my first time driving at night.  I do fine in the wee hours after some sleep, but those later night hours are rough.

az am

This is somewhere in New Mexico.  The light’s just lovely there as the sun comes up.



Arizona, later in the day.  We reached our second delivery, still a few hours late, but there.  Now we’re holed up in a hotel for a couple days, which is fine by me.  That was a pretty exhausting run.  And this time I brought my bathing suit!

Here are a couple pictures where I’m trying to get some Christmas spirit in the truck.

truck lights


I brought a string of lights.  Lights always make me feel Christmas-y.

cmas tucker


I also have this wee Santa hat with me.  Tucker still likes hanging out in laps.

And because I have Tucker, I must put Phoebe on the blog.



The lighting back in the bunk is nice and dramatic when the sun’s out full.  It comes in just one patch, leaving everything else relatively dark.  So I take advantage of it from time to time.  I’ve been enjoying my new camera.

Hello again, my long-neglected blog.  I have decided I miss the daily photos and stories.  I’m over on Instagram (@gemmy1) but it turns out that the writing is just as important to me.  For some reason, this format works for me to keep track of things.  I thought I was done with it, but it turns out I’m not.  So I’m coming back.

To help me with this, there is a new camera in my life.  A Canon Rebel T3i, purchased for an early Christmas gift on Black Friday from the comfort of my chair on my phone.  🙂  We didn’t leave the house Friday, though we did make a purchase.

Yesterday I wrapped some gifts.  I want to get them out early.  I think I missed Christmas last year for many people, as I was in a pretty low place.  I’m in a much better place now – it’s bright and cheerful and I like it ever so much.  So this year I’m getting an early start and getting things mailed.

dec 1 wrap

I do want to learn the technical aspects of my new DSLR.  So far I like it a lot on auto.  My old DSLR (a very old Sony) and I never quite saw eye-to-eye, but the Canon and I see things just about the same way.  In some ways it’s even better because it pulls in light better than I may see it.  So I foresee a happy future with it.  Ever since this summer’s unfortunate kayak tip where I had both my phone and my camera with me and both got wet, I’ve been pretty camera unhappy.  I replaced my go-to Sony Cybershot with the latest model, only to find something changed with it.  It didn’t see the same way I did, the way the previous models had.  My phone does see the way I do, so it’s what I’ve been going to.

dec 2 hobie 2

Hobie gets shorted a lot in the photo department.  He’s hard to get a good photo of due to his runny eyes (a symptom of the kitty herpes he has).  So I worked with it – him on the table, me sitting in front of him taking pictures – and ended up with a couple I liked.  Above is one – I love his whiskers.  And this is another – he looks like a happy Buddha to me here.

dec 2 hobie

Things that have changed since I was last here:

1.  I’m no longer a secretary/office manager.  I’m now a truck driver.  It feels pretty bad ass.  🙂

2.  Sadie is no longer with us.  I still miss her following me around, keeping an eye on me.  I felt safe with her around.  Tucker and Phoebe are great at notifying us of potential trouble (or imaginary trouble) but Sadie would’ve taken care of any trouble.   We buried her out back by the Art Chalet, in the field where I plan to eventually build a walking labyrinth.  She will be at the heart of it.

3.  In my capacity as truck driver, I’m team driving with David, so I’m no longer alone for weeks at a time.  I think it helps with the being in a good place.  We have an “us” again, and I love it.  Our first trip out felt like a honeymoon.  🙂

4.  The camera situation.

5.  My mental well-being (this being the biggest change, and the best).

So, expect to see me here more regularly.  I’ll be trying for the daily picture/post, but it may take me a little to get in the swing of it.  It’s been awhile.

The dogs and I have been walking every morning.   This morning’s walk was delayed by me needing to fix breakfast for David,  who was home for 24 hours.  After he left the dogs (most notably Tucker) started becoming annoying.  So I pulled on my boots and said let’s go!


The ferns in the woods are getting tall and thick.  Tucker negotiates by sproinging over them like a deer.


Phoebe, on the other hand,  walks around them,  finding a path. 


This amazingly colorful creature is a damselfly of some sort.  At first I thought it was a butterfly by the way they were flying. 

So even though it rained last night I decided to walk down to the river,  mainly to show you why I don’t generally walk down to the river in late spring and summer.   My previous walk down there is just below and was 7 weeks ago or so.

The way down was boggy and buggy.   I saw this guy.


I understand why David refers to it as a cedar swamp.   A couple times my boots almost got pulled off!  I finally reached what I think of as the Island,  the high spot between the swamp and the river field.


I was wrong about the grass.   It’s more like 4 ft high out there.   There are some paths through it,  most likely from the deer.


Closer to the water it isn’t as tall.   I could see Sadie.   Tucker was sproinging through it like a deer.  Add he made his way across I heard “rustle rustle rustle splash!” as he ran out of field and ended up in the river.   Here are some pictures of him sproinging.




He’s such a happy dog!

Sadie chose to go swimming again.   Phoebe waded a bit.   Tucker again took an unexpected swim and didn’t seem to like it.  Getting back through the grad field was a little challenging.   The path had closed up behind us and I hadn’t checked for a landmark.   Now I know it’s the big dead tree.  

Then it was back through the forest floor and home again.  Every dog is now napping quietly.  

Here’s a tuckered Tucker.


He thinks my hammock makes a fine bed.

I’m not one who likes a full schedule.  I need time in my days/weeks/months for just doing nothing.  I haven’t had a lot of that lately.  Between work and school, I’m running all over the place.  I am learning to drive a big truck, and finally feel comfortable doing so.  I understand where my trailer is now – something I was having trouble with.  Now that I”m getting it, I can back up that sucker!  Next week is finals of quarter one of two of truck school.  So far, so very good.

And now for pictures!  I’m going more or less in time order, since it’s been awhile since I unloaded my camera.


These poppies are from my trip to California at the end of March.  My grandmother passed away and I went to be with my mom.  We took a drive and I was determined to find some poppies to take a picture of.  I did, and the color of them makes me happy.



This rose is from my grandmother’s garden.  I love how it just seems to glow from within.




The central California foothills are the landscape that is burned into my soul.  I have loved everywhere I’ve ever lived, but this landscape of rocks, oaks and green hills soothes me like no other can, except anything with water.

truck school


April 3 was the first day of truck school.  I’m learning a lot, enjoying knowing the instructors and other students and eager to be done so I don’t have to stay home alone any more.  It does mean big changes with critters, but they’re ones I’m willing to make for the sake of me and my marriage.



Our sixth anniversary was April 28.  We went to Grand Rapids to visit the Grand Rapids museum, have a good dinner (we went to The Twisted Rooster and I wholeheartedly recommend it – great food!), and see a movie (Oblivion, with Tom Cruise – we both enjoyed it).

museum birds


This display was at the museum, up high.  All the colorful birds just really caught my eye.  The exhibit was old Victorian case collections and described how they preferred to look at collections, rather than things in their natural habitats.  It was very interesting to see things like these birds grouped together.  I think I like seeing both.




While he was home for our anniversary, David left a few days before my birthday.  He sent me flowers at work, though, and a balloon.  I was grinning all day.



I celebrated my 50th birthday by getting out on the water, for spring had finally come.  I almost talked myself out of it, worrying about going alone, blah blah, but then just went, and I was soooo glad I did!



Pretty painted turtle – it had climbed up a tree branch to sit out over the water.  I was careful not to scare it, as it had obviously worked hard to get there.

kayak after


Afterwards.  I was so peaceful and relaxed…

tucker dew


The dogs have been getting walked in the woods a lot.  Tucker is a little taller than Sadie now, but lighter.  He’s getting to be a better dog all the time.

handsome tucker


And he’s very photogenic.

tucker attack 1


When we’re walking is when his herd dog breeding shows.  Sadie was meandering up behind us when he went into his crouch.

tucker attack 2


Then he leaps into motion.

tucker attack 3

There is a quick altercation – lots of teeth (though less teeth now as he’s growing up mentally).

tucker attack 4

And calm.  When we walk, he spends probably the last 25% of any walk pestering Sadie, trying to get her to chase him.  He loves to be chased.


And no blog post would be complete without a chicken.  🙂  This is not Jack!  This is one of his kids – I thought I had 4 pullets hatch last summer.  What I forget about the BBS Orpingtons is that the cockerels are slow to show themselves.  I even thought Jack was a pullet for the longest time.  I call this guy Samuel, because he’s Jack’s son.  Heh.  That’s how my mind works when naming chickens…We lost Romeo in March (while I was in California, so I’m not sure what happened to him) so Samuel gets to stay, as I prefer to have 2 roosters with a large flock of hens – this way they get watched out for.





Yesterday the temps reached the mid 60s.  I was in a funk so rather than sit around I took the dogs for a walk.   We have a small spring that starts at the base of a tree and I wanted to see what it was doing.   While looking, Phoebe stuck her nose in for a drink and suddenly started acting like a bouncy pup.  Hey mood was infectious so rather than walk the normal walking path we headed into the woods.  


Not all of it is quite so open.   The path home was full of fallen trees,  black mud bogs, ice and snow patches.  I kept to deer trails which works as long as there’s no overhangs.  The deer either just walk under or bound over.  It’s a little trickier for me.


I usually don’t get down to the river because of this grass.  Right now it’s all last year’s grass so it was walkable.  When it’s all green and lush it’s 3 feet tall!  There was a lot of water due to recent flooding but I had my boots on so my feet stayed dry.  The dogs all got involved in chading.


Sadie went swimming with no hesitation.   Phoebe waded then hit a deep spot and ended up swimming.  Tucker fell in and didn’t seem to like it.  I tried getting him to fetch a stick but he said no.


This is a branch of the Pine River and is the border of the back of our property.


The neighbors in back evidently have better access as there’s a bench and a deer blind. 


After a hard run.   They spent a few minutes cooling bellies and eating snow.


Self portrait towards the end.   My mood was much improved.  I made sure to do a couple yoga stretches and some deep breathing as well.  Now if they’ll just be wrong about snow the next few days…


Hobie and Phoebe have begun sharing David’s chair for naps.   Hobie will sometimes share my lap with Tucker.  Sadie has lately been trying to eat Hobie.
Hobie acts like a dog a lot of the time.   He comes when he’s called.   He goes on walks with us.  When treats are handed out he wants his share and mills about with the pack.   It’s an interesting relationship.

I was just transferring pictures to my laptop (291 since last time I did so) and realized there were some pretty cool pictures there, and I want to share.  So here I am.

lake michigan shoreline

From my adventure Saturday.  My camera will do a panoramic sweep, so I did one to capture the breadth of the shoreline where I was standing.  So much snow still, although Saturday night it began raining and continued through yesterday.  This morning at 9, the temp was 43 degrees. If it continues like this, it won’t matter that I ran out of firewood.  I’ve been quite comfy in the house (although it’s 64 degrees) the past couple days.  And if it does get cold, my dear friend Candy supplied me with a number of phone numbers to get myself a face cord to get me through the last days of winter.  (if the picture is cut off, click on it to get the full effect…it’s quite wide)

hobie ice

This picture made me laugh when I saw it because I remembered how Hobie slipped on the ice when he tried to walk down the windshield.  We had a few days of icy rain this winter.  The driver’s side door on Hank froze shut a couple times.  If I hadn’t been doing yoga, I would not have been able to get in and behind the wheel a couple times there.  Right now at home, the walkway and driveway are pretty much sheet ice.  My Yak Traks are so very welcome then.



We almost lost Jack this winter.  The dogs got bored due to the snow and Phoebe and Tucker ended up in the barn.  Sadly, Baby Chicken was killed in the altercation, and Jack was wounded when he fought them.  He had no outward signs of problems, but for a week he was very weak and I’d say close to death.  I had to feed him egg yolks by syringe, and give him water that way as well.  After a couple days of that, his strength began returning and finally he has recovered.  I was very close to putting him down, but David suggested putting him in a cage in the house and seeing what happened.  I’m so glad he did.  When Jack crows, it sounds like the opening  notes to “Get Smart” except in chicken.


I’ve taken such a picture before, but then the orange snow fence showed up in the background.  Since we removed it and I saw the light hitting the icicles, I grabbed my camera and got out there.

sunrise thru trees


Sunrise through the snowy trees.  I love it when the light looks physical, like something you could reach out and touch or take into your hands.

orange 2


I finished my orange embellished (encrusted, you might say) quilt.  It’s 12 x 12 and fully covered in various orange things.  This picture pleased me because of the accidental rubic.

orange 1


More orange.  I’m framing it in a shadowbox frame that matches the one my mom made for me.  I plan to hang them side by side.  They are quite cheery with all the orange.

bigger orange


A shot with more things in it.  The overall quilt has a pattern within it – there’s a lighter orange spiral circling out from the heart.  I’ll have to see if I can get a picture showing that.


Asnow face

Tucker’s snow face.  He certainly enjoys playing in the snow.  Or he did until he cut his foot.  Now he has to hop about on 3 legs in the snow, because he has an open wound on his foot and the snow crystals seem to hurt him.  Not that this slows him down, mind you.  It is finally healing over and soon he’ll be back to his normal wild self.

floppy tucker


Tucker loves the recliner.  He reclines it on his own – he figured it out when he was smaller and fortunately isn’t so big he’ll break my chair – and lies on the back.   I should say he flops on the back.  Sometimes he does curl up into a little ball on the back, but for the most part, he flops.



Big mouth Tucker jumping and trying to bite my hand.  He’s a silly dog.

tucker sadei


He’s grown to be nearly Sadie-size.  She hates that.  He is an alpha male and she doesn’t want to give up her alpha spot.  But she’s getting older and sometimes she loses.  They tussle a lot in the manner of wolves, but sometimes it escalates.  Fortunately, they both defer to me and will stop.

basket tucker


This weekend he started curling up in the laundry basket.  This was new.



From earlier in the winter. Big snow then sunshine.  Getting all three to look at me, that wasn’t happening.  But I liked this one well enough.


Also from my adventure Saturday.  When I pulled up in the parking lot of Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary, this cardinal was perched right there on these red branches.  Looks like my camera focused more on the background, but I still like this picture a lot.  I love winter branches.