I’m not sure where I first saw the idea, but I do know I liked it. Since I have a big birthday coming up next year, I thought I would make myself a list of 50 things to do before I turn 50. I also started a Project Life scrapbook to document the year, and the 50 things. I made myself a page containing the list for the scrapbook and here it is:

The items don’t show up as well as I’d like so here is the list (and this way I can cross things off it as they happen). Currently I’m working on laying out a labyrinth in the Art Chalet field. I have 30 birds on my list. I have my application to Baker College filled out, as well as my passport application. The Big Swings will be at the Mecosta Country fair in early July. I have the board for my swing cut and I just need to sand, stain and hang it. Things are a-happening on this list!

1. Lost 50 lbs (7 down so far!)
2. 2 more sets of riding lessons (Sept 2012/April 2013)
3. Start School (application is ready!)
4. Make a Buddha Sock Monkey
5. Paint a painting for me
6. Day trip to Petoskey (bonus points for finding a Petoskey stone)
7. Visit friends/family
8. Declutter
9. Begin yoga practice
10. Go sailing (we have the tickets for a catamaran sail in Traverse City)  8/26/12!
11. Catch and eat a fish
12. Set up a labyrinth
13. Get an iPhone
14. Get new glasses
15. Participate in NaNoWriMo
16. Fill a journal
17. Grand Rapids Zoo/Meijer Gardens
18. Make a swing & hang it
19. Get a massage
20. Make a sweater (for me – baby sweaters do not count for this)
21. Get a goat or two
22. Swim in Lake Michigan
23. See 100 birds
24. Make a tiny birthday bear
25. Make myself a cashmere throw
26. Start building horse pen
27. Get my passport and use it
28. Kayak on a river
29. Ride an elephant (or at least touch one)
30. Get a pair of cowboy boots that make me saucy
31. Day trip to Chicago – zoo, Shedds, etc
32. Ride big swings
33. Zip line at Boyne Mtn
34. Bake a fancy 50th bday cake
35. Develop a sketching habit
36. Swim with dolphins
37. Make a new friend  That’s something a job is good for!
38. Get Art Chalet organized
39. Earn $5K through creative means
40. Get published – writing or art
41. Learn to do a cartwheel
42. Complete this year’s Project Life
43. Have a big harvest Counting this complete even though there’s still time left!
44. Learn to crochet and make something
45. Get a professional photograph taken
46. See a show – opera, play, something
47. Take an online course – invest in me
48. Talk to a Life Coach at least an hour
49. Figure out what I want from the holidays
50. Have a 50th Birthday Party.

Now number 50 – I want those of you who know you’re invited to think about how you can get here for my party. You have nearly a year to plan it – just as I do. Think about it!